*...VMA's Best Dressed...*

* Image kindly taken from Google Images

I thought I would share the celebrities that I thought were the best dressed of the night. There were some really nice dresses on the red carpet this year.

The Best Dressed of them all was British Stylist 
Louise Roe in Tibi
Next is the Pregnant! 
Beyonce in Lanvin
Next is 
Katie Holmes in Alaia
 (Not so sure about the shoes)
Next is
Kim Kardashian (Humphries) in KAUFMANFRANCO
Next is
Britney Spears in Moschino
(I think she is looking better than ever)
Next is
Zoe Saldana in Barbar Bui
Finally is
Victoria Justice in Theory and Rock
* All images of celebrities are kindly taken from MTV.com

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  1. Freaking LOVE this post. I didn't even know the VMA's happened. I'm out of touch a bit. Louise Roe is certainly the best dressed, although I do love Beyonce's dress!! xxx

  2. @V - Yeah Vic bit out of touch lol. Beyonce's dress really suits her skin tone. BUT I LOVE the Louise Roe Dress!!!!! xxx

  3. Louise Roe looks gorgeous!! I would have included her in my best dressed post too if i hadn't missed her! Britneys shoes are too clunky just like Katie Holmes, you'd think they'd spot that if we can haha! Great post :)


  4. @AngieBeautyBelle - I Love Louise Roe's dress. I totally agree with you there, they would have looked better with a simpler shoe. Following. x

  5. I think Beyonce and Britney SPpears looks exelent. I love Beyonce performence;)

  6. @Sercet garden - I haven't seen her performance yet. I will have to YouTube it. x

  7. aww britney! i think this is the best shes look in a whileeee haha xxxx

  8. @kiran - I think so looks gorgeous in that dress, not the shoes tho. haha. Following. x

  9. @Manon - Thanks for commenting. I only saw a little bit of it. x