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Hi Everyone

I thought I would post about something I do every Sunday. WITHOUT Fail.
I have a mini pamper day, were I will have a face scrub and a mask etc.
Below I will show you the steps that I take, maybe you could try them too.
It is soooo relaxing.

The first step is too wash your face, to get rid of any makeup.
Because I wasn't wearing makeup today I just used my Elemis Cleanser.
After, I scrub my face using the Benefit "Honey snap out of it!" scrub.
All I do with this is scrub my face and then I will leave it on for 3 minutes. As it says on the back of the packaging - leave it on for a extra 3 minutes to use as a mask and for extra cleansing. 
While the scrub is still on my face I will put the Organix - Self Heating Coconut Oil in my hair.
I will this in my hair for the same time as the scrub (3 minutes). But I would only apply this product to the ends of my hair.
When the 3 minutes are up I wash my face (just with water). 
Straight after drying my face I put on my Good Things - 5 Minute Facial Mask.
After applying the mask, I wash the coconut oil off my hair.
Then I will apply my Naked - Glossing Hair Treatment.
Again to the ends of my hair - and keeping it on for 5 minutes.

When the 5 minutes are up I'll then jump in the shower and rinse the mask and hair treatment off. 

In the shower I'll will wash my hair with the Shampoo and Conditioner I am currently using. Which are V05 - Nourish me Truly.
When using the conditioner I will keep it in my hair while using my shower body wash. 
While the conditioner is still in my hair I will use my body wash.
Dove - Go Fresh 
 Nectarine & White Ginger Scent 
Finally, when everything is wash off, I will towel dry my hair.
Then put two products in the help seal in the moisture I have put in my hair.
First is my Aussie - Anti-Frizz & Conditioning Milk
To help keep any frizz at bay and keep the moisture in.
Then I will put my Organix - Anti Breakage Serum.
This will help prevent spilt ends and also add more moisture.
Ending it all off is to add moisture to the skin by adding a moisturiser.
My favorite is the Simple - Light Moisturiser 

That is the end of the blog post. Sorry it is so long.

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Thanks for Reading 
Love Katie 


  1. Love this ... I still need to try this out. Love the new layout too =D xxx

  2. @V - I know you do haha...We'll do it next week then xxx

  3. Great day (:
    i want too


  4. @ monseroath777 Thanks for the comment. You should try it totally relaxing. x

  5. This sounds so relaxing.. I might try something like this next sunday! :)



  6. @Zara - It's a perfect way to start the week off. x

  7. I need a Sunday Pamper day now ..geeez. xxx

    I followed ! xx


  8. @Lilley - you should start one :-). Love your blog btw. Now following. x