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Hi Everyone 

It has been a LONG time, since I have blogged. I have just been so busy with getting back into the swing of uni and also I have already had three assignments to do. So I thought that I would share what I did last Thursday.

So, on Thursday I went to Birmingham for the day, to attend the NEC Work Placement Fair. This is because on the course that I am doing at uni we have a choice whether to do a placement year or not. This is what I am interested in doing, so I thought why not? It was free after all. It was an interesting day, but, an exhausting one. As I woke up at 4:40am to get to the uni for 7:00am(when the coach left) and I didn't get back till 9:00pm. As I live in the North East it took 4 hours to get to Birmingham and another 4 hours to get back. 

Below are some pictures that I took.

Near my uni - so dark 
Just before we left for Birmingham
An hour into the trip I HAD to plug in my iPod - Essential 
You can't beat a little bit of Lil Wayne 

I didn't get a chance to take any photos in Birmingham though :-( 
Hopefully now I will be able to blog more often now I am getting back into the swing of uni. So check back for my next posts :-)

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