*...September 11th...*

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Hi Everyone

Sadly as many as you know ten years ago a tragedy hit New York and Washington. It was an event that was hard hitting to many people around the world.

My experience of 9/11 was - at the time I was 9 years old. I had just come in from school and my mam and dad had the news on. It was showing the towers being hit and I actually saw the second tower being hit. It was horrible to see people jumping from the windows and even at 9 years old I knew it wasn't right. Then I remember the towers coming down and after that I really I can't really remember much. 

If you like you can leave your experiences below and I will be sure to read them. 

God bless them souls that passed on that awful day.   

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  1. this picture actually makes me speachless - it's simply too intangible what happened that day.
    but i'm sure i'll always carry these happenings carefully with me and think of all the agony 9/11 brought to all of us.
    thanks for sharing your experience, it's truly touching.

    xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com

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  3. @mari b - Thanks for commenting. I love that picture too. x

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  5. @LA STYLE MUSE - Thank you! x

  6. @Syrious - I love that picture, such a sad day tho. x